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Single Origin - Espresso

Espresso Brew Method

Originating in Italy towards the late 19th century, espresso is a brewing method that entails forcing a small amount of hot water under high pressure through finely-ground coffee beans.
Typically, this high-pressure brewing technique produces a rich, concentrated, and intense coffee that can be enjoyed on its own as a short black, diluted with water as a long black, or used as a base for milk-based beverages like lattes and cappuccinos.

Espresso Roast

In espresso roasting, the coffee beans are roasted specifically for espresso-based beverages. This process typically extends beyond the initial cracking stage to enhance flavour development, reduce acidity, and create a richer body in the coffee. The roasted beans typically have a dark and oily appearance.


For many coffee enthusiasts, espresso's appeal lies not only in its bold flavour, but also in the rich layer of foam that crowns the cup. Crema, an Italian term for cream, refers to the natural foam that sits atop the coffee.

Crema appears when hot water is forced through the coffee grounds at very high pressure, emulsifying the coffee bean oils and forming tiny, smooth bubbles.  The very high pressure is able to dissolve more carbon dioxide, the gas produced during the roasting process. As the brewed liquid returns to normal atmospheric pressure, it releases numerous tiny bubbles as it can no longer retain all the gas in solution.

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