Taking Bean to Machine

Just as building a motorcycle from the ground up is a hands-on process, so is specialty coffee. Just like a motorcycle can create its own unique culture, so does specialty coffee. 

Hey there! We're Lachy and Laura – a husband and wife duo who love drinking coffee with our mates. It's always been a part of our lives – we met over a couple of strong lattes in one of Melbourne’s best cafes and remain keen participants in the industry. Even our toddler needs her ‘cino!

We made the move in 2014 from Melbourne to country Malmsbury, and packed our love of coffee in our suitcases. We had this idea that we would bring together specialty coffee and motorbikes and reboot the classic café racer culture. Our dream became a reality and in a rustic-industrial barn overlooking the lush botanic gardens the cafe became the perfect spot for our roastery - dotted with motorbikes of course!  

Fuelled by our success and customer feedback, our coffee went from strength to strength picking up medals at AICA since 2015 and attracting the attention of coffee influencers (Tesspresso, 3000 Thieves, Beanhunter).

Since selling off the cafe arm and focussing solely on roasting, our reach has expanded dramatically with our coffee now being enjoyed all over the world.  We are proud of the international coffee culture we have helped forge which started in humble ‘ol Malmsbury.

We believe our success is due to sticking to our ethos: we have never compromised our commitment to sourcing ethical and specialty grade beans. Our passion for the coffee industry has seen us participate closely in new trends and developments, constantly pushing our boundaries of innovation. We have also been very blessed to have worked with some legends in the coffee industry and have them mentor and support us through our journey. 

Join us and see where we ride Motobean next! 



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