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Roasters Choice Filter Coffee Selection

Product image 1Motobean Speciality Roasters - Roasters Choice Premium Coffee Beans Filter 4x250g
Product image 2Motobean Speciality Roasters Felipe Arcila Grape Premium Fermented Coffee Beans 250g
Product image 3Motobean Specialty Coffee Roasters Colombia El Diviso Ethiopia Landrace Premium Coffee Beans Roasted for Filter 250g
Product image 4Motobean Speciality Roasters Uganda Sipi Falls Anaerobic  Premium Organic Coffee Beans Roasted for Filter 250g
Product image 5Motobean Speciality Roasters Burundi Kibingo Anaerobic Yeast Premium  Coffee Beans Roasted for Filter 250g

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Our Roaster's Choice pack offers a combination of specialty single origin beans in 250gm packs.  Selections are changed monthly, giving you the chance to try a range of premium coffees with a special package price.

Burundi Kibingo Red Bourbon Anaerobic Yeast

Often referred to as the heart of Africa, Burundi’s farming and agriculture is regarded as some of the best in the continent.  That means they’re well equipped to produce some of the best quality coffee on the planet.

This coffee, making use of modern processing, is absolutely mindblowing. Bursting with boozy fruit and a wild, sweet complexity. 

Tasting:  Boozy Blueberry, Lemon, Floral

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Colombia Felipe Arcila Grape

This coffee comes to you from the worlds single most innovative coffee processing facility.  Felipe Arcila has quickly become not only one of the highest quality coffee producers in the world, but also a supreme coffee processing guru.

An extremely unique coffee, it has been processed with a creative adaptation of the classic Honey processing method.

Tasting: Bursting with overwhelming sweetness, offering tasting notes of Grape and Bubblegum.

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Colombia Landrace El Diviso

Satisfy your craving for the perfect cup of coffee.

This Ethiopian varietal was grown in Colombia by the Lasso family, renowned for their experimental processing and fermentation methods. The El Diviso farm harvests just once a year from October to December.  All coffee is handpicked at its most ripe, then naturally dried under controlled conditions to ensure durability and preserve quality.

The Huila growing region is celebrated for its distinctly delicate cup profile that features bright acidity, sweetness, and a fragrant aroma.  This offering is both delicate and substantial.  Incredibly versatile from pour over to espresso. 

Tasting: Floral, Tropical Fruits, Milk Chocolate and Orange.

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Uganda Sipi Falls Anaerobic

The coffee is named after the Sipi Falls, a trio of waterfalls located on the outskirts of Mount Elgon National Park in Eastern Uganda. This region is famous for growing the 'Bugisu' Arabica variety, the most renowned of the Ugandan Arabicas.

Certified organic, it is cultivated as part of the Sipi Falls Coffee Project.  Initiated in 1999, the project now involves over 5,000 smallholder producers managing an area exceeding 2000 hectares.   With around 3.5 million families are connected to coffee production through this project, this coffee is not only a culinary delight but also a symbol of community and sustainability.

Tasting:  Boozy strawberry. A rounded orange and wine acidity with lingering cocoa, vanilla and caramel.

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