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Ethiopia Guji Uraga – Wine Process - Filter

Product image 1Motobean Roasters Ethiopia Uraga Wine Process Coffee Beans 1kg
Product image 2Motobean Roasters Ethiopia Uraga Wine Process Coffee Beans 1kg

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Another step forward in Ethiopia’s processing development, is this insanely unique coffee, processed with a modern natural wine process (or Carbonic Maceration).

Harvested in the Guji zone, this coffee is another example of the regions great quality coffee growing.

The Wine process is one of the more modern and experimental processes being practiced around the world.  While the processing in essence is very similar to Anaerobic Fermenting, the natural wine process allows for a Co2 rich environment to encourage a different form of fermentation and development to take place.

Creating a carbon dioxide rich environment allows for different microbial activity for manipulate and further develop the flavours present within the coffee.

Tasting: This coffee is very fruit forward, packed with notes of Blackberry, Raspberry, Grape and Citrus.

Roast Profile: Filter




Guji Zone, Oromia

Producer Co-Op
Varietal Heirloom
Altitude 1900-2110 masl

Proc. Method

Natural Wine (Carbonic Maceration)

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