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What is the milk based recipe for the Racer Blend?

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For dosing up the Racer blend (to really achieve the rich dark chocolate/cacao tasting notes, we recommend a 19g dose with a yield of 45ml.
This should adequately allow enough time in the extraction to achieve a well balanced shot. Ideal extraction time is 24-28 seconds.

Try this as a baseline and play around to zero in on how you like to brew your coffee. There
are no hard and fast rules. Enjoy!

What is the milk based recipe for the Seasonal Blend?

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Seasonal is a little more vibrant than Racer. This means it requires a little more work to maintain body through the cup.

For our seasonal blend, we suggest 19.5/20g (based on how much sweetness you want
to achieve vs how much body you want to have) with a yield of 40ml. Running a more restricted shot with higher dose will provide this coffee with a deeper flavour.

Try this as a baseline and play around to zero in on how you like to brew your coffee. There
are no hard and fast rules. Enjoy!

What is the best way to brew the coffee?

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On the back of each bag is a set of brew parameters used by our baristas.

Check out our brew guides here.

How to brew for Espresso

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Check out this guide: How to brew the best home espresso

How to brew for Moccamaster

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Check out this guide: How to brew with Moccamaster

How should I store my beans?

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The best place to store our coffee is in the bag that it comes in. All of our bags are fitted with a 1-way valve & a foil lining. We recommend leaving this bag in a cool dark place, such as a cupboard. Definitely not in the fridge or freezer.

Orders and Shipping

How much is domestic shippping?

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For orders $65 and less we charge a flat rate of $10 for standard shipping. Standard Shipping is free for orders above $65. Coffee subscriptions have free shipping.

Express Shipping is available for $15.

When will my beans be shipped?

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Our beans are shipped on Mondays & Thursdays. This is to ensure absolute freshness from the roast. If you need something in a hurry, get in touch with us and we can arrange express postage for you.

Free Pickup Locations

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We offer pickup from our warehouse in Ravenhall,

You can also order online and select pickup from the Malmsbury Farmers Market held on the 3rd Sunday of the Month from 9am till 1pm. Please order by midday Saturday.


How does a subscription order work?

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A subscription order ensures a monthly delivery of fresh organic, racer or seasonal blends in 1kg packs with free shipping.

You choose from whole beans, or ground.

Check it out here:

Do I need to register an account to subscribe?

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No - but we do recommend it for subscription orders to allow you to update future delivery options.

Can I update my subscription online?

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If you register an account: Create Account – Motobean Roasters you can manage your subscription(s). For example

- Change your next order date

- Swap the blend for your upcoming order

- Pause your subscription

- Resume a paused subscription

- Skip an order (scheduled delivery) leaving subsequent deliveries in place

- Change your order frequency for future deliveries (from every month to every 2 weeks or vice versa for example)

- Set your subscription to automatically renew after the scheduled delivery period

- Cancel your subscription (for all future scheduled deliveries).

If you do not have or do not wish to have a registered account, contact us: info@motobean.com.au with the details.

Can I create a gift subscription?

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Yes. Select the delivery frequency and number of deliveries then check the 'Prepay for your subscription' checkbox. There is an additional checkbox below 'This is a gift' which you should also select.

The Prepayment option will ensure you are charged for all scheduled deliveries.

Ensure the delivery address on your order reflects the gift recipient if you would like the coffee delivered to their door.

Can I change the blend from one order to the next?

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Yes. Just log into your account and select the manage subscription option. Expand the Products in your subscription and select a different blend from the options available. Done forget to save the changes. The change will apply to your future subscriptions or until you swap it again.

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