We're loving Costa Rican Microlot - Alma Negra natural process

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We're loving Costa Rican Microlot - Alma Negra natural process

Our latest microlot from Costa Rica has really got our taste buds going! But don’t just take our word for it, the judges from the Australian International Coffee Awards loved it too and awarded it a Bronze medal in the 2020 AICA.

This microlot is a natural "Alma Negra" processed bean and we have really been taken by it’s super tasty flavour.  Lachy decided to roast it two ways: one way for espresso and another way for filter. Both roast profiles bring out banger flavours, with the filter roast bringing out sweet strawberries, cherries and comforting vanilla shortbread notes while the espresso roast brings out the depth of plums, dark cherries and sweet, stewed fruits. 

But what is the "Alma Negra" natural process, I hear you say? Post-harvest processing is one of the biggest determining factors of a coffee’s profile and characteristics.  Natural or “Dry” process coffees, mean that the fruit is picked when ripe and allowed to dry completely around the seed before being husked or hulled off. 

Drying Natural coffees is a considerably longer process than washing: Naturals take more space on drying surfaces and require more attention and labor to avoid mould or spoilage.  This is why The “Alma Negra” process is so special, as it is turned only a few times a day, out in the sun on raised beds, under intense scrutiny.

The people responsible for this intense scrutiny and care in this process, are the guys at Las Lajas micro-mill.  This mill is located in the Central Valley and is famous for its organic 'honey' and 'natural' processing methods.  The guys at Las Lajas, with their commitment to quality and organic practices, are responsible for the beautiful processing of this tasty bean. 

And more than flavour, we also love what the guys at Las Lajas do, as they also care about traceability and the environment.  Las Lajas processes coffee directly from their family coffee farms, and so these microlots are meticulously traceable back to their origin.  Our microlot was produced by the Chacon family at Cumbres Del Poas and was then transported for processing at the Las Lajas micro mill.  They also believe in the preservation of the environment, hence why they use organic practices, not washing the coffee and minimising water use.

Grab yourself an award-winning bag of this microlot here (espresso) and here (filter).

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