Cecilia Realpe - Colombia's Big Momma

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Cecilia Realpe - Colombia's Big Momma

So, who is Cecilia?

Cecilia is the “big momma” at the centre of a large, loving family of coffee growers based in the Narino region of Colombia on a farm called Finca El Placer. The Nariño region is an area with a reputation for coffee with unique flavour profiles and outstanding cup quality.  

Cecilia’s bean!

Cecilia and her family can most often be found at her brother Alonso’s house where the family wet mill is located.  Together they take turns using the family wet mill, each giving their own coffee their signature touch. And this bean is Cecilia’s!

Family resilience

This coffee is representative of a story of resourcefulness, resilience and family heart: In an area that has a long history of armed insurgency, neglect, and marginalization, Cecilia has anchored her family.  Together they developed a series of small diversified coffee farms and secured several in-come streams and on-farm food sources.  

Your coffee drinking matters, and that’s something to feel proud about!

We love sharing stories with you about the small farms we work with because it is through these direct relationships and the story of the people behind the beans that means, we can achieve prices that improve the quality of life for farmers and their families, like Cecilia’s.

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