How to brew the best AeroPress

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How to brew the best AeroPress

You will need: an AeroPress, a hand-grinder (we are using a Porlex hand-grinder here), a variable kettle*, scales, a timer, Motobean mug, Motobean Coffee (we recommend Single Origins roasted for Filter).

The Single Origin we are using in the video is a Colombian roasted for Filter, we recommend using a roast that is roasted for filter as it is lighter and more suited to the method, if you use a coffee roasted for Espresso it can over extract and become bitter.

All our bags come with a recommended brew recipe on the back. The Recipe for this coffee is: 15g of coffee to 200ml of water.


  1. Set your variable kettle* to boil to 80C. Note: if you don't have a variable kettle just boil normally and add cold water.
    Why boil to 80C? The reason we recommend 80C is because the AeroPress uses a full immersion method to brew the coffee. This means the coffee is always enclosed, so we don't lose as much heat as other brew methods; hence the cooler brewing temp
  2. Grind 15g of coffee in a hand grinder, set almost as coarse as it will go, you are after the consistency of raw sugar granules.
    Why grind so coarse? The coffee needs to be coarse because it is fully immersed and enclosed in the AeroPress. If the grind is too fine it will dissolve too quickly and it will over-extract and become bitter.
  3. Pop the Paper filter in to the cap. Make sure you wet the paper filter first to remove any “paper” taste.
  4. Get ready to put the Aeropress together. Wet the rubber seal of the aeropress, to make it easier to slide in and fit together. I recommend using the inverted method to extract your coffee as I believe this gives the best results.
  5. Insert plunger in to the top, push it up so the base is in line at the “number 4” mark. This is where the Plunger sits. Pop it on the scales and TARE (zero-ing the weight to compensate for the plunger and so weighing the coffee only).
  6. Add water: Add 200ml (200gr) of 80C water in to AeroPress. Have your timer ready, add the 15g of ground coffee and set timer the moment the coffee goes in.
  7. Stir for 15 seconds, making sure all coffee is nice and wet and is fully immersed. Pop the cap on.
  8. Let sit upside down up to the 1 min point
  9. While you are waiting for the 1 min mark to hit, gently but firmly push the air gap out, just until liquid starts to come out the bottom, then pull back a bit. This creates an air pocket so that you can easily tip the Aeropress upside down without spilling.
  10. Tip upside down on top of Motobean cup, as you are tipping it; pull back the plunger a little to create a vacuum and not spill any coffee.
  11. At 1min 30 sec point, spend another 30 seconds pressing the AeroPress, forcing the liquid through the filter Hot tip: plunge with love
  12. Stop just before you hit the bottom, you don't want to push the last over extracted bits out into your cup (push out last bit over another cup or the sink and discard)

Ready to drink!

*Variable kettle = a kettle where you can set the temperature

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