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Single Origin - Omni

What is an Omni Roast?

Omni - from the latin meaning "all" allowing the beans to shine no-matter what the brewing method.

Omni roast is a term used in the coffee industry to describe a style of roasting that aims to achieve a balanced flavour profile that can be enjoyed across various brewing methods. Instead of roasting beans specifically for one brewing method, such as espresso or drip coffee, an omni roast is versatile enough to produce good results in many brewing techniques.

The beauty of an omni roast lies in its ability to adapt and shine, showcasing the unique tasting profile and characteristics of the coffee beans regardless of the brewing method you choose.

Whether you prefer the intensity of an espresso shot or the nuanced flavours of a filter pour-over, an omni roast promises a delightful and consistent experience with each sip. 

So, no matter how you enjoy your coffee, an omni roast delivers a brew that truly lets the beans take center stage, regardless of your brewing preferences or equipment at home.

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