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Coffee Gear

Coffee Tamp Machine

The Tamp Master is a coffee machine with auto tamp capabilities designed for use by professional baristas in busy cafes and restaurants. This coffee tamp machine comes with an adjustable tamping pressure, 3-point safety sensors, interchangeable tamping heads, display screen and other features that ensure consistency in every cup of coffee brewed.

Stainless Steel Milk Jugs

Motobean has an exceptional range of black and white stainless steel milk jug products that are perfect for steaming and frothing milk. Our white milk jug and black stainless steel milk jug options feature comfortable and easy to use handles and are available in 400ml and 600ml sizes.

Airscape Canisters

Gourmet coffee lovers, this Airscape canister is just what you need to keep your beans and grounds protected from air and moisture. Its galvanised steel body is ultra-durable and resistant to stains, while the BPA-free lid pushes air out of the container for unbeatable freshness. Experience flavour like never before!

Reusable Coffee Cups

Experience your favourite Motobean coffee with the convenience of a reusable Fressko travel mug bearing the Motobean logo! Durable, leak-proof, and beautifully designed, it will keep your coffee hot and secure, while you go about your day. Perfectly portable and stylish, delicious coffee can be yours anytime, anywhere!

Get the Coffee Gear You Need Today

Discover the perfect addition to your home or business with coffee gear from Motobean. Our coffee tamp machines, stainless steel milk jugs, and reusable cups will help you create stunning coffee experiences for yourself and your guests. Take your coffee to the next level! Place your order online today, or get in touch with us by calling contacting us online to discuss your needs.

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