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World Tour - Ethiopia Pack - Filter

Product image 1World Tour - Ethiopia Pack - Filter
Product image 2World Tour - Ethiopia Pack - Filter
Product image 3World Tour - Ethiopia Pack - Filter

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We’ve assembled 3 of the highest scoring coffees ever produced in the Guji Zone as well as the famous Yirgacheffe region, widely regarded as two of the best coffee growing regions in the world.

Ethiopia’s coffee has long been regarded as being very fruit forward and complex and this offering delivers everything you’d expect from a high-end Ethiopian coffee.

Whilst these regions have been inhabited for over 500 years, the rich soil remains largely untouched and extremely fertile, which means the growing practices are largely organic with very high-quality plants with large yields.
Our Ethiopia tour pack features coffee processed with 3 different methods.Please enjoy these premium coffees we’ve hand selected for you!

SIDAMO GUJI  - Fully Washed -

Produced with the traditional process that made Ethiopian coffee famous.
This fully washed heirloom is cultivated at 1900MASL in Ethiopia’s Guji Zone.
This coffee is grown in rich, high quality soil, ensuring every ripe cherry picked is of the highest standard.

The processing of this coffee involves hand selecting high grade beans from each harvest and mechanical pulping.
The coffee is then placed in fermentation tanks.
After being removed from fermentation tanks, the coffee is then washed thoroughly to ensure all mucilage is removed from the beans.
The coffee is then dried on raised beds in the shade over 10-14 days.
What you can expect from this coffee is a super clean, fruity and floral cup.
Perfectly imbalanced with a high level of acidity and sweetness.  Full details here.

Guji Uraga - Winey Process

Another step forward in Ethiopia’s processing development, is this insanely unique coffee, processed with a modern natural wine process (or Carbonic Maceration).

Harvested in the Guji zone, this coffee is another example of the regions great quality coffee growing.The Wine process is one of the more modern and experimental processes being practiced around the world.
While the processing in essence is very similar to Anaerobic Fermenting, the natural wine process allows for a Co2 rich environment to encourage a different form of fermentation and development to take place.

Creating a carbon dioxide rich environment allows for different microbial activity for manipulate and further develop the flavours present within the coffee.

This coffee is very fruit forward, packed with notes of Blackberry, Raspberry, Grape and Citrus.  Full details here.

WORKA YIRGACHEFFE - Anaerobic Natural -

When we talk of the Worka Chelichele washing station, we almost instantly associate them with premium quality coffee.
This coffee is a perfect representation of this well-established coffee producer.

While the washing station is located in the Gedeb district, almost ALL of the coffee it processes is from the world famous coffee town of Yirgacheffe.

Each coffee cherry in this lot is hand selected to ensure they are perfectly ripe for harvest. This coffee is then tightly packed in GrainPro bags and sealed. It’s then fermented for 18-24 hours anaerobically before being gently removed and placed on raised beds to dry for 3 weeks.

This coffee boasts of huge complexity. In the cup you’ll discover, boozy wild berries, complex florals, and dark cacao.
A well-balanced coffee bursting with fruity acidity, contrasted by its heavy, wine-like qualities.  Full details here.
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